• Join Us for Our Italian Exhibit and Film!

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  • Italian Fest Exhibition



    (Sept. 1 – Oct. 15, 2019)

    Collinsville Library, 408 West Main Street

  • For this year’s Italian exhibition, we’ve reached across the ocean to shine a spotlight on Pellegrino Artusi, Italy’s famed “Father of Italian Cuisine,”as Italy continues to celebrate his 100th Anniversary.

    Even though Artusi’s cookbook (“Science in the Kitchen and the Art of Eating Well”) was written several years ago (during Italy’s Unification), it is still popular in Italy today and found in kitchens throughout the world.  Artusi connected with the people.  He encouraged and enlightened them with his thoughts and humor.  This was more than a cookbook.  It was a gift to his country, reflecting their traditions, including hundreds of recipes collected from throughout all of Italy’s regions.

    This show includes a special exhibit (in English and Italian) provided by the Italian Cultural Institute of Chicago, part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Italy, for this special occasion.  It  tells us about Italy’s history, the cookbook, and the man who diligently worked to make this come about.  (It also includes a few of the recipes he collected.)

    But the exhibit doesn’t stop there.  To make it extra-special, we’ve brought it home to our area, visiting with local chefs and restaurateurs, learning some of their secrets on cooking “Italian-style.”  Check out what they say, and see the display!

    And there’s more!  Take time to visit the library’s west wing (not far from the exhibit) to see – in glass wall cases — our display of Italian cookbooks, many published in our area.   (Artusi’s cookbook will be there!)  Not far away, stop to register for SPECIAL PRIZES!

  • We invite you to join us for this unique Italian Fest exhibit!

    Free admission.

  • Exhibit Location:   Near library’s Information Desk.

    Library hours:  Mon. – Thurs. (9 a.m.-8 p.m.), Fri. – Sat. (9 a.m.-5 p.m.), Sun. (1–5 p.m.)   Library closed Labor Day (Sept. 2), closing 3 p.m., Sept. 21 (for the parade), closed Columbus Day (Oct. 14).  Phone: (618) 344-1112.

  • Curated by Annette M. Graebe & Barbara Klein.

    Sponsored by the library and Italian Film Festival USA

    Special assistance by Sharon McAley

    Italian Night at the Movies


    Thurs., Sept. 19 (6 p.m.)

    Library’s Community Room

  • Don’t miss Italian Film Night on Thurs., Sept. 19 (6 p.m.)!  Sit back, have a little gelato, and enjoy Francesco Prisco’s “BOB & MARYS,” a light-hearted comedy that was a favorite of filmgoers at the Italian Film Festival USA.  It’s about Robert and Marisa who have been married a long time and lead an uneventful life.  Their life changes dramatically when a band of criminals break into their home and leave boxes of illegal merchandise!  Come see what happens next! 

  • Free admission.  In Italian with English subtitles.

    Gelato compliments of Spirito’s, The Italian Store on Main Street.

    Film courtesy of Elsinor Film/Ares Film of Rome.

    Sponsored by the library and Italian Film Festival USA

    *Film Preview (In Italian) available at


    Italian Fest Story Walk & Craft

  • Children and families are invited to stop by the Collinsville Library during the Italian Fest Sept. 20th (9 a.m.-5 p.m.) and Sept. 21 (9 a.m.-3 p.m.) for free fun!  They’ll enjoy a Strega Nona story walk (as they read the book through the library) and do a pasta necklace craft.